How watching the Tour de France can make you better at UX

1. Great pros have served their apprenticeship

2. Great pros have a T-shaped skill set

The green, yellow and polka dot jerseys at the Tour de France

3. Great pros are great teammates

4. Great pros continually hone their skills

5. Great pros have a plan, but are prepared to change it

6. Great pros look for marginal gains

7. Great pros employ the latest technology

Riders like Bradley Wiggins always utilise the latest technology

8. Great pros keep a progress diary

9. Great pros define their long term goals & tirelessly work towards them

  1. Place well for experience in the 1978 junior world championships
  2. Win the 1979 junior world championships
  3. Win the 1980 Olympic road race in Moscow
  4. Win the world professional championships by the age of 22 or 23
  5. Win a first Tour de France by the age of 24 or 25

10. Great pros enjoy what they do

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Neil Turner

Neil Turner

Former techy turned UX Jedi from the UK. Checkout out my blog (UX for the Masses) for more about me.